Lab Reagents

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the zeus measles iggelisa cut offs reagents distributed by Genprice. The Zeus Measles Iggelisa Cut Offs reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact measles elisa. Other Zeus products are available in stock. Specificity: Zeus Category: Measles Group: Iggelisa Cut

Iggelisa Cut information

Measles Virus PCR kit

PCR-H639-96R 100T
EUR 1335.6

Economical slide with cut edges

DD68763 PK50
EUR 5.7

EpiNext CUT&RUN Fast Kit

P-2028-24 24 reactions
EUR 359.7

LCP EZ-Cut Starter Kit

EUR 1995
Description: LCP EZ-Cut Starter KitContains:20 LCP EZ-Cut Sandwich Sets (MLCP-EZCSS1-1)1 10 μL Syringe (for manual dispensing) (MLCP-10muSYR-1)2 100 μL Syringe (for mixing) (MLCP-100muSYR-1)1 Manual Dispenser (MLCP-PB600-1)1 Symmetrical Mixer Union for LCP (MCLP-SMXU-1)6 short 22 gauge small hub needles (MLCP-HN22-6)1 Monoolien-9, 1g (MLCP-RMO9-1)1 4″ Soft Rubber Brayer (M-CTP-BRY1)1 Wizard Cubic LCP Screen (MLCP-RWCS-1)1 Box (20) MicroMounts: (M2-L18SP-A1)1 Box (20) MicroMounts: (M2-L18SP-A2)40 Reusable bases model B1A-R (GB-B1A-R-40)1 pair serrated end tweezers (TW-1)1 pair curved-tipped tweezers (TW-CTF-1)1 Retractable blade X-Acto knife (RK-X2)

Measles Virus Nucleoprotein antibody (FITC)

61-001603 50 ug
EUR 457.2
Description: Mouse monoclonal Measles Virus Nucleoprotein antibody (FITC)

Measles Virus Nucleoprotein antibody (FITC)

60-00222-3F 50 ug
EUR 159.6
Description: Goat polyclonal Measles Virus Nucleoprotein antibody (FITC)

Recombinant Measles Virus (399-525)

7-07852 100µg Ask for price

Recombinant Measles Virus (399-525)

7-07853 500µg Ask for price

Recombinant Measles Virus (399-525)

7-07854 1000µg Ask for price

Virus Measles Virus (MeV) Protein

abx670263-1ml 1 ml
EUR 543.6

Measles Virus Antigen (Partially purified)

DAGA-497 1ml
EUR 676.8

Measles virus Hemagglutinin glycoprotein (H)

  • EUR 733.20
  • EUR 370.80
  • EUR 2192.40
  • EUR 1126.80
  • EUR 1461.60
  • EUR 476.40
  • 100ug
  • 10ug
  • 1MG
  • 200ug
  • 500ug
  • 50ug
Description: Recombinant Measles virus Hemagglutinin glycoprotein(H),partial expressed in E.coli

RealScreen Measles IgG ELISA Kit

EL024-096 96T
EUR 999.6

RealScreen Measles IgM ELISA Kit

EL025-096 96T
EUR 999.6

Measles Virus RT PCR kit

RTq-H639-100R 100T
EUR 1573.2

Measles Virus RT PCR kit

RTq-H639-150R 150T
EUR 2144.4

Measles Virus RT PCR kit

RTq-H639-50R 50T
EUR 1155.6