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PMA (Propidium Monoazide)


PMA (propidium monoazide) is a photo-reactive DNA-binding dye utilized in viability PCR (v-PCR) of microorganisms like micro organism, viruses, and fungi. PMA is obtainable as a 1 mg lyophilized stable or 20 mM resolution in water. Additionally attempt PMAxx (40069), a superior different to PMA.

  • Selectively detect viable cells utilizing qPCR
  • Validated in tons of of publications
  • Useless cell particular dye, binds to DNA
  • Covalently attaches to DNA after photoactivation
  • Out there as 1 mg lyophilized stable or 20 mM resolution in water
  • λAbs = 464 nm (earlier than photolysis); λAbsEm= ~510/~610 nm (with DNA/RNA, after photolysis)

To study extra about some great benefits of figuring out microbial or cell viability utilizing viability PCR, go to the Viability PCR Know-how Web page.

Product Catalog Quantity Unit Dimension Format
PMA Dye 40013 1 mg Lyophilized stable
PMA Dye, 20 mM in H2O 40019 100 uL (20 mM in water) Answer

About PMA

PMA dye is a DNA modifier invented by scientists at Biotium. It’s a photo-reactive dye that binds to DNA with excessive affinity. Upon photolysis with seen mild, PMA dye turns into covalently connected to DNA. This modified DNA can’t be amplified by PCR. The dye is designed to be cell membrane-impermeable. Thus, in a inhabitants of reside and lifeless cells, solely lifeless cells are inclined to DNA modification as a consequence of compromised cell membranes. This distinctive characteristic of PMA dye makes it extremely helpful in selective detection of reside micro organism by qPCR.

Since Biotium first developed PMA dye, there have been tons of of publications on the usage of the dye in lots of pattern varieties together with dozens of bacterial strains, biofilms, yeast, fungi, viruses, and eukaryotic cells. It has been utilized in such purposes as meals and water security and environmental testing, and has been used together with qPCR, NextGen Sequencing (NGS), Sanger sequencing, and Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP).

PMAxx expertise is roofed by granted and/or pending US and worldwide patents.
PMA (Propidium Monoazide)
PMA (Propidium Monoazide)


Propidium monoazide (PMA) is a extremely selective dye that penetrates solely membrane-compromised, lifeless microbial cells and inhibits each DNA extraction and amplification. PMA has been extensively used for discrimination between dwelling and lifeless microbial cells; nevertheless, the applying of PMA in phytoplankton research has been restricted. On this research, we tried to guage its applicability for the discrimination of viable phytoplankton. We examined PMA on seven phytoplankton species, Microcystis aeruginosaAnabaena sp., Aphanizomenon sp., Synechocystis sp., Cryptomonas ovataScenedesmus obliquus, and Nitzschia apiculata as representatives of the key phytoplankton taxa Cyanobacteria (first 4 species), Chlorophyta, Cryptophyta, and Bacillariophyta, respectively. Our outcomes confirmed that utility of PMA to phytoplankton dwelling in freshwater has the potential to differentiate viable from lifeless cells as in microbial research. Significantly, PMA differentiated viable from lifeless cells in cyanobacterial species quite than in different phytoplankton taxa underneath our experimental situations. Nonetheless, our outcomes additionally confirmed that it might be obligatory to regulate numerous situations affecting PMA therapy effectivity to develop its applicability to different phytoplankton. Though all components contributing to the results of PMA couldn’t be evaluated, our research confirmed the applicability of PMA-based molecular approaches, which may be handy quantitative strategies for distinguishing dwelling from lifeless phytoplankton in freshwater ecosystems. Setting optimum therapy situations for different phytoplankton species could enhance the efficacy of PMA-based molecular approaches.

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