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Capilia tb neo

Capilia Flu Neo

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Capilia tb neo
Capilia tb neo


To detect influenza A virus antigens and influenza B virus antigens in nasal aspirate, nasal swab, nasal discharge/nasal mucus or pharyngeal swab (to help within the analysis of influenza virus infectious illness).


Influenza spreads world wide in seasonal epidemics, leading to about Three to five million annual instances of extreme sickness and about 290,000 to 650,000 annual deaths, rising to hundreds of thousands in some pandemic years. (WHO Information Launch, 2017)

Widespread signs are chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, weak point/fatigue and basic discomfort.

Analysis is tough as a result of the preliminary signs will be much like these brought on by different infectious brokers.

The influenza A virus is often extra prevalent and is related to essentially the most critical influenza epidemics, whereas influenza B infections often current extra gentle signs.

As a result of the influenza virus is very contagious, fast analysis and immediate remedy can have a optimistic impact on public well being. And the power to differentiate between A or B antigens may also help the doctor to prescribe an applicable antiviral remedy.

Administration of antiviral remedy inside 48 hours of symptom onset is really useful for extra fast discount of signs and to cut back viral shedding.

Capilia Flu Neo can present fast and correct detection of influenza A and/or B virus antigens from symptomatic sufferers. No particular devices or tools are required.

  • Offers quick and dependable outcomes
  • Simple to learn
  • Created via the newest nanotechnology “Platinum-Gold Colloid”
  • Consists of an extraction buffer that’s suitable with Capilia 1 collection exams (Flu, Adeno, hMPV, RSV)


  • Check cartridges
  • Extraction buffer (suitable with four totally different exams)
  • Drip ideas
  • Nasal swab


3-5 minutes


Measurement utilizing this product relies on an immunochromatography assay utilizing a monoclonal antibody that acknowledges influenza virus antigens.

This product contains a check plate with a service strip containing a pattern placement space, a reagent space together with a colloidal platinum-gold labeled anti-influenza A and B virus monoclonal antibody (mouse) (hereinafter known as “colloidal platinum-gold labeled antibody” ), a studying space [A] that fixes the anti-influenza A virus monoclonal antibody (mouse) (hereinafter known as “anti-influenza A virus antibody” ), a studying space [B] that fixes the anti-influenza B virus monoclonal antibody (mouse) (hereinafter known as “anti-influenza B virus antibody” ), and a studying space [C] that fixes the anti-mouse immunoglobulin polyclonal antibody (rabbit) (hereinafter known as “anti-mouse immunoglobulin antibody” ).

Capilia Flu Neo
Capilia Flu Neo

Product Abstract

  • Package contents :
    Check Plate×10, Extraction Buffer 0.7mL×10, Nozzle×10, Nasal Swab×10
  • Validity  27 months
  • Storage  retailer at 2-30℃
  • Detection time  3-5 minutes
  • Constructive Management (Offered Individually)
    Package contents: Constructive Management Flu A 1.0mL 1vial, Constructive Management Flu B 1.0mL 1vial
  • Validity 12 months
  • Storage Retailer at 2-8℃
  • Constructive Management Flu Process



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